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Committee Meeting

January 11 2017

At the Committee meeting last night it was decided to leave the London Marathon club criteria unchanged so please see below for details.

Also please do remember that club colour vests whether the old or new style need to be worn at races. We do still have some of the new design in stock should anyone wish to purchase one. Please see Neil Stocks​. Also Rochelle Hawksley​ was voted in as the new Welfare Officer who will take on that role along with Neil Stocks. So if you have any worries or concerns about anything and wish to speak in confidence please approach one of them who will act on it accordingly and with discretion. You can also  speak to any other committee member on any matter whether it be a suggestion or an idea.

To remind you the Committee is

Ian Bailey​ – Chair
Ben Peel​ – Vice Chair/Website and FB Admin
Sue Smith​ – Treasurer
Elly Lucy Rutherford​ – Club Secretary
Martin Ross​ – Membership Secretary
Julie Hawkesford​ – Couch to 5K Co-ordinator/Race League Admin/Website and FB Admin
Rebecca Porter​ – Press and Publicity/Website and FB Admin
Neil Stocks – Club Kit Co ordinator/Welfare Officer
Rochelle Hawksley – Welfare Officer
Rebecca Sylvester​
Katie Moore​
Mark Harvey​

The criteria for a club place in the VLM is as follows:
• Must produce a rejection letter from the general ballot entry
• Must be a fully paid up member before the ballot opened
• Must have represented the club at least six times in organized races by running in club colours during the last year. The year runs from the beginning of October to the end of September. Please list six races if you wish to enter the club ballot.
• Must not have been in a receipt of a club place the previous year
• The club secretary will register the place on behalf of the winner and they are responsible for paying for it. The place can be deferred if the winner becomes injured or unable to take part for any other reason but it cannot be transferred as it is not like a normal entry to any other race
• The lucky runner who receives the club place must wear the Skegness Coasters colours (vest or T-shirt) on race day as they will be representing the club
Thank you
The Committee

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