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Footnotes – How Running Makes Us Human


Review by Ben Peel

Vybarr Cregan-Reid’s book Footnotes, How Running Makes Us Human is written by an English literature professor (who left school with virtually no qualifications) and is about ‘what running can tell us about the way we live now’.

The book recounts a number of adventures that he had whilst out running and in a highly readable manner brings in his own personal anecdotes and shows how environmental science, physiology, pyschogeography, literature, art, neuroscience, psychology and philosophy are all relatable factors in modern day running.

Running is an immersive experience that uses all our senses and for Cregan-Reid is a way of escaping the technological bombardment (he forsakes unnecessary running devices) of the modern world to plunge into and explore the byways of the past and connect with both our surroundings and inner selves.

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