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Why join a club?


Blogpost by Ben Peel

There’s a very interesting article on the Guardian’s running blog by Oliver Balch about why joining a running club can be very beneficial. People join running clubs for all kinds of different reasons but as Balch says it can be off putting to some as they associate running clubs with their;

members pegged as mild obsessives, keen on fartleks and the achievement of personal bests.

However Balch’s decision to join really resonated with me, as one of the best things I did after leaving London was to join Skegness Coasters. I had experienced a difficult last few years down there, which had resulted in my redundancy and moving back to the area I grew up in. After such a long time away though I no longer knew anyone and joining a club was a great way of meeting new people and again as Balch discovered there are discussions about injuries, training, pb’s and the like but conversation mostly revolves around;

family and work, hobbies and holidays, life’s joys and its occasional frustrations.

The thought of joining a club can be daunting but give it a go and hopefully you will be more than pleasantly surprised and like all things in life it can be whatever you want it to be and how much you put in and get involved is up to the individual but for me like Balch;

It has helped to turn a place (that I returned to) into a community in which I live.


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